Best Tech Holi gifts in 2020 – Happy Holi 2020


Here is the list of some tech related holi gifts to gift on this happy holi.
Wishing Happy Holi 2020 to your Friends and family.

Holi is an annual festival. A day which is celebrated for the coming spring harvest season. This festival is all about colors, happiness, joy, and gifts. Here are some awesome tech Holi gifts that you can give to your friends and family.

Tech Holi gifts in 2020

Gifts are something that has the ability to bring smile on everyone’s face. Almost every time we get stuck under the confusion of what to buy as a gift. In today’s article, we will deal with this problem and list down some of the most famous gifts for Happy Holi gifts that you can give. These gifts are amazing for your tech-loving family.

#1 Apple Watch

Holi gifts

Apple Watch could be one of the best Holi gifts this year for your loved ones. It would look amazing on wrist. In this technology advanced world, It could be a perfect gift this year.

#2 Self Cleaning Water Bottles

Bottles for daily use are difficult to clean. Here we have a smart gadget for you to gift. Self-cleaning smart bottle that cleans itself. Give this smart-bottle to your loved ones, and they will love you forever.

#3 Amazon Echo Dot

Holi gifts

Amazon Echo Dot is a speaker that uses voice to play music, make calls, manage smart home devices, and answers your questions. It is a perfect digital companion you can gift to your family and friends on this festival.

#4 Apple Airpods

Airpods have become so popular in the past year. It can be an amazing gift for someone who uses apple phone. So you should consider giving this as a Holi gifts. Apple Airpods, with a wireless charging case, is the perfect combo of Holi gifts. It is a smart festive gift.

#5 Samsung Note 10

Holi gifts

The mobile phone is one of the most popular festive gifts. Note 10 comes with amazing features and utilities. It is Samsung leading camera phone that can bring bundles of joy for your loved ones.

#6 Bose 700 Wireless Headphones

If someone you are thinking to buy gift for is a music lover, then Bose 700 Wireless Headphones can be considered as a great Holi gifts. They will surely love it.

#7 Apple iPhone 11

Holi gifts

The new Apple iPhone 11 is the latest iPhone series and it should be most definitely in the considerable list of your gifts. We all know iPhones are amazing, and it is absolutely perfect for a Holi gifts. But this would be one expensive gift.

#8 Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Holi gifts

If you are choosing a gift for your reading freak, dear ones, amazon kindle is perfect for them. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite comes with alot of e-books to read. This gadget comes with many reading facilitating features like dark mode, reading mode, etc.

#9 Fitbit Charge 3

This gadget is a smart heart rate tracker that can also monitor activity like exercise, and sleep, etc. If you have friend or a relative who takes exercise seriously then this advanced fitness and health tracker is a perfect Christmas gift for them.

#10 Google Nest Hub

Holi gifts

This Google Home device that is known as the Google Nest is a 10- inch screen with a built-in camera and several features. This latest tech gadget is worth considering as a gift on Holi.

#11 Multi-device wireless charger

This wireless charger can connect up to two devices at the same time and charge them. It can be a perfect Holi gifts this year. It will help the user to charge two devices at once, which can save a lot for you.

#12 Google Pixel Buds

Holi gifts

These wireless Bluetooth earbuds can translate up to 40 different languages in real-time. Equipped with Google’s AI system, it can be top rival to Apple’s Airpods.

#13 Ring Fitness and Sleep Tracker

This gadget is a ring sized fitness and sleep tracker. You can wear it as a ring and it will monitor entire Sleep & Fitness cycle. So you should consider this smart gadget as a perfect Holi gifts this year.

#14 Temperature control smart Mug

Holi gifts

It is very annoying when your coffee, tea or any hot drink is either too hot or too cold. This temperature control smart Mug can help you with this problem. This Mug can maintain certain temperature. This is great for those who are consume more hot drinks.

Wishing Happy Holi 2020 to all of you.