How To Celebrate Holi – Holi 2020

    How To Celebrate Holi

    Holi is a festival mainly celebrated by the Hindu community on the arrival of spring. This festival is usually celebrated in the second week of March for a few days. This is one of the most famous Hindu events and celebrated by people of all faiths.

    Like many of the festivals, Holi is also celebrated differently by the people of different sects. But the warmth and spirit of this day remain the same. Holi is a marvelous festival to bring the community together. This whole event is to celebrate the arrival of spring and the triumph of good over evil.

    Lighting up the Holika Bonfire

    How To Celebrate Holi

    Start collecting wood. Make sure to set up a bonfire in an open space away from trees and houses, and give the responsibility to an adult to light it. The day when Holika bonfire starts is called “Choti Holi” meaning, “Small Holi”. The next day after the bonfire is called “Rangwali Holi,” meaning the “Holi of colors.” Forty days before the Holi begins, a log is put in the center of town as a reminder that it is time to start collecting wood. The community gathers enough wood to start a medium or large bonfire.

    He was placing the statue of Holika in wood. On the evening of Holi, place a Holika statue in the pile of firewood, the sister of the demon king Hiranyakashipu. Burning the effigy of Holika symbolizes the victory of good over evil. It is believed that she tried to kill Prahlad, the son of Hiranyakashipu. Prahlad was a devoted follower of Lord Narayana. This made his father any who wanted all the praise for himself. His father plotted a plan to kill him in the fire, but Prahlad escapes because of his faith while Holika burned in the fire for her wickedness, even though she was immune to fire.

    Lighting the big fire. It is time to start a fire. You can light up a match and throw in the wood to start a fire. To jumpstart the fire, you can pour a fire starter like kerosene or petrol (be careful while using gasoline) on the wood. Now watch the evil burn in the bonfire.

    Chant the Rakshoghna Mantras. Chant the Rakshoghna Mantras while you watch the bonfire. Mantras can be found in the Rig Veda; it is an ancient Indian collection of the Vedic Sanskrit hymns. It is time to dance and enjoy and chat mantras while the evil spirit burns in the fire.

    Preparing for Holi

    How To Celebrate Holi

    Choosing an outfit. Light color clothes are perfect for the Holi celebration as they will flaunt the colors of Holi when someone throws at you. This is an ideal way to show off the colors of Holi on your cloths. Try to wear your old clothes that you will discard soon on the day of the event, so the colors don’t ruin your new clothes. The idea is to enjoy and have fun so that you can opt for clothes you won’t wear again.

    Buy or make colors. On this eventful day, people celebrate the arrival of spring, end of winter, and the triumph of victory over evil with colors. Gulal (powder form of color), is an organic red-orange color made from the flowers of Palash. You can collect the flowers, dry them, and make the color. Another option is abir, which is small crystal chips of mica; it creates a shimmering silver color. You can also combine these two to create a cool red-orange sparkly colored powder.

    Take safety steps for skin and hair. You can apply the cream on the exposed body parts, so the colors don’t penetrate the skin. Another tip is to put some oil in your hair; it makes hair easy to wash after getting color in your hair.

    Buy balloons. For fun, you can buy a lot of balloons and fill them with colored water and throw them at your friends on Holi. You can also buy water guns and fill them with water and color and throw pichkaris.

    Celebrating Holi

    How To Celebrate Holi

    Fill a bucket of water. You should wake up early in the morning to start preparations for Holi and get your stuff ready. Keep water close to your celebration area. It’s essential to make sure that the water tap is near the play area. You can attach a hose to the tap, so you don’t have to go back and forth with colored feet.

    Throw color on your dear ones. Smear the colors onto your friends and family to make them more colorful and let the fun begin. Make sure to use non-toxic colors that won’t stain for long. Have fun coloring them with your family members’ arms, legs, back, and hair. Some people like to celebrate low key day Holi with very little water. You can also do this and celebrate this day with some beautiful colors and yummy food.

    Spray colored water with pichkaris. A pichkari is a water gun to spurt colored water from as an entertaining way to commemorate Holi. Mix some of the colored powder with water and then add it to the pichkari. Use the water gun to cover people with colored water and enjoy playing in bright colors.

    Have fun singing and dancing to the beat of the dholak. Dholak is a hand drum famous in Pakistan India and Bangladesh that is played at different events. Drenched in the colors of Holi now enjoy the festival by dancing and singing to the beat of the dholak. Sing songs about Holi move your body to the beat of dholak while you celebrate the coming of spring and win over evil.

    Traditional Holi delicacies. The best way to celebrate the Holi festival is with yummy conventional Indian food. Many different conventional meals are famous for Holi, depending on what part of the country you are in. You can make some of these on Holi, famous Gujiya. Dahi Vaday. Pakoray. Barfi. Firni. Puran Poli. Papri Chaat. Chana Masala. Bhaang. Shakkar Paare. Besan Papdi. Ras Malai. Malpua. Namak Paare. Kanji Ke Vade. Thandai. Kachori. Lassi. Saffron Rice. Mattar Ki Kheer. Kesari Malai Peda. Masala Mathri.

    Breaking the Pot

    How To Celebrate Holi

    Hang a pot of buttermilk in the streets. Breaking of the pot is an older tradition of the Holi festival. First, you tie up a clay pot of buttermilk in the road. Lord Krishna was very fond of buttermilk, and he would steal it from the houses of the village to eat. The women of the town tried to hide it from young Lord Krishna, by hanging the pot up so Krishna can’t reach.

    Formation of the Human pyramid. The great pyramid of humans! The men of society form a human pyramid by climbing on each other’s shoulders. Make the pyramid high enough for the person on top to reach the pot of buttermilk.

    Break the pot. The person on the top will break the pot of buttermilk with a stick when reached high enough. You can use anything to break the pot. Try not to fall and climb down the pyramid one by one.

    Sing Holi songs and throw water. When men are busy making the human pyramid, women of the town gather around men and sing songs of Holi. Everyone in the gathering enjoys singing traditional Holi songs and throwing buckets of colored water. The women should equally participate with confidence and enjoy singing and dancing around men in celebration of Holi.

    Visit a friend or family member’s home. After the celebrations, visit your friends and families to end the festival warmly with your loved ones. Most of the people visit their family and relatives at the end of the day. This colorful Holi is a celebration meant to bring everyone together in the community. It’s always all about being together.

    Exchange sweets with them. You should bring desserts to exchange with your friends and relatives when you visit their home. People bring traditional Indian food and deserts to enjoy together, creating an excellent end to the celebrations of the day.

    Enjoy an evening with loved ones. Some of the towns arrange large Holi gatherings in the evening, but you can also just enjoy visiting your family or friend’s home. You can watch Holi songs and movies on TV that are shown exclusively on the day of Holi. Be sure to exchange hugs and well wishes with your loved ones to celebrate Holi and the spirit of brotherhood. Holi truly is a fantastic whole day celebration.